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Jules Shear

Sayin' Hello to the Folks


The life of a song-writer has gotta be frustrating as hell. Before long, people are summing up your efforts with generalities like "He's a contemporary folk singer/song-writer".
What does THAT mean?

Well, one such folkie has broken out of that particular hell by making a record that's not only NOT folk but also NOT his songs.
What does THAT mean?

That's right: it's a covers record.
Let's slow down. Jules Shear, creator of seven solo releases throughout his 20 year career, explores the freedom of his new Valley Records digs by burrowing into his record collection to uncover 12 gems that he figures were written just so he could record them somewhere down the line. These are truly lovingly-crafted overt-pop versions of Todd Rundgren, James Brown, Brian Wilson, Roger Miller, Dave Clark, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, et al. songs.

Jules says he got the idea for the collection while listening to these in his car. Sayin' Hello reflects that windows-down, good-time, big horns, wind in the hair feel. That could just be the "In the Summertime" talking.
Check him out.

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