Help Me I'm on Fire


That's Him! That's the Guy! are a sort of folk duo, comprised of Joseph and David, from Ferndale by way of East Lansing by way of Muskegon by way of Dowagiac, all in Michigan (Yes, Michigan). Joseph and David began playing (music) in David's spare bedroom, where the magic happens. Joseph and David have been friends for 11 years. Joseph and David have been playing (music) together for about 1 year as of Sept. 05. Joseph and David are close, but any ambiguous homosexuality is purely coincidental. Joseph studies fine arts at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. David is an economics graduate student at Michigan State University. Joseph is currently listening to Jens Lekman. David is currently listening to Ghostface Killah. Joseph is not that into Ghostface Killah. David is not that into Jens Lenkmen. Both Joseph and David are into Popeye's Chicken. If he could be anywhere right now, Joseph would be learning how to better play the accordion. If he could be anywhere right now, David would be collecting dust in his grandmother's crawlspace. Joseph and David are nice guys, though Joseph is more approachable than David. Joseph and David welcome feedback. David (and Joseph, when not on the Canadian Frontier) will gladly play (music) in your favorite alcoholic beverage establishment, favorite non-alcoholic beverage establishment, living room, basement, etc., if you're so inclined as to ask. Joseph and David love you. Joseph and David thank you for listening.

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