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4 Way Street

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Boy, talk about guts.
Copping the name of CSN&Y's quintessential disc makes this quartet of singer/songwriters (Ben Arnold, Jim Boggia, Scott Bricklin and Joseph Parsons) an easy tartet for those who think that lofty mountains can't be climbed again. Fortunately for them, they get well into the foothills with well-crafted songs and sublime harmonies.

Unlike The Thorns who perfected the three way harmonies but forgot about writing songs that stick with, this accidental group (they hooked up at an open mic night) digs in a bit deeper lyrically and adds enough grit to the harmonies to keep them from sliding by unnoticed.

Echoes of the Jayhawks, Wilco, Tom Petty and, yese, even CSN&Y creep into the mix. With songs addressing everything from self-efficiency, to a timely anti-war protest to an eastern-inflected trip into Bombay, there is much to like here.

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