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Raul Malo

You're Only Lonely


No idea how to really categorize this most recent album from former Mavericks’ frontman; though it’s more country tinged, it could be categorized under a few different genres. This record is loaded with covers songs, as Malo’s smooth, not-so-twangy country voice runs through various genres. The most impressive song on “You’re Only Lonely”, is a cover of Etta James’ “At Last”. Malo’s voice is surprisingly pretty good as he makes James’ song his own. Other such covers include the BeeGee’s “Run To Me”, Ron Sexsmith’s “Secret Heart”, and Willie Nelson’s “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground”. What gives this album any credibility is the fact that Martina McBride makes a guest appearance on “Feels Like Home”, which serves as a duet with Malo. Overall, “You’re Only Lonely” is not that great of an album. Though it has its’ highpoints, Malo’s solo career is nothing compared to his past with the Mavericks. Lane Zoerhof

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