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Gov’t Mule

High & Mighty


Gov’t Mule returns with a full on rock album that does just that. The opening track, “Mr. High & Mighty” is a single waiting to attack modern radio. With the ferocity of CCR and the rock/blues guitar riffs a la Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule trucks through 12 songs of pure classic jam rock ‘n’ roll. Track 4, “Streamline Woman” is another fantastic rock record (think early My Morning Jacket when they actually rock out). Other recommended tracks include track 9 “Million Miles From Yesterday”, track 10 “Brighter Days”, and track 11, “Endless Parade” which may seem just that as it’s just under 9 minutes, however, it’s a bluesy number that will please rock and blues fans. Overall, another great album by Gov’t Mule that will be completely underrated and overlooked. Lane Zoerhof

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