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Joseph Arthur

Nuclear Daydream


The 5th album by Arthur, and possibly the best to date. Arthur is the kind of songwriter that others envy (Michael Stipe from R.E.M. and Chris Martin from Coldplay both have covered his songs). A stunning folk rock album that’s about as infectious as a pop-punk album Arthur has the genius to write beautiful songs and gorgeous instrumentation. An album where any of the tracks could be radio gems, the standout tracks include the opening track “Too Much To Hide”, track 2 “Black Lexus”, track 4 “Slide Away”, track 5 “Electrical Storm” (which is my personal favorite), track 6 “You Are Free” and track 9 “Don’t Tell Your Eyes”. Here is an album where each song gets better then the previous. Arthur’s latest album, Nuclear Daydream, is one of the better records I’ve heard in the past few years. – Lane Zoerhof

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