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Jungle Soul


As the first track starts, “Trouble Man”, all that came to mind was SNL’s The Ladies’ Man. Smith’s Hammond B3 Organ is very reminiscent to that likes of the comedy sketch’s opening tune. Smith’s organ are his vocals (with the exception of the distant humming and dada’s and dodo’s in the background); as the B3 takes over for the lack of vocals, Lonnie Smith’s style is superb. With a couple of guitar solos for good measure, the back and forth of the B3 organ and guitar does enough to validate a wonderful jazz album that will be enjoyed at any dinner or cocktail party or even summer afternoon cookout. Track 4, “Willow Weep For Me” is a classic example of the beautiful jazz styles of Smith. Track 8, “Bemsha Swing” is another gorgeous song that is an infusion of swing and jazz genres. Track 9, “Zimbabwe” and track 10, “Jungle Wisdom” both have a traditional feel to them, only with a jazz kick to it. Two more great songs for indie radio. Lane Zoerhof

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