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Songs For Bright Street


Amy Speace and the Tearjerkers’ album, Songs For Bright Street, is a country driven album that one would expect from today’s more popular country stars. Songs about guidance with a lover, heartbreak from the past, even a song about being a country folk run rampant through Speace’s latest album. Speace has a listenable and soothing voice, not too twangy but not too over-dramatic, that really makes the background music a little fuller. Track 10, Right Through Me, is the standout song. Track 3, Not The Heartless Kind is also another brilliant track by Speace and her backing band. However, what made this album fall flat on its’ face, not setting it apart from the worst country albums out there is track 12, entitled Double Wide Trailer. Speace’s entire album up to this point is a listenable and even pretty good country/folk album, yet when track 12 comes on, Speace falls right into the typical country musician stereotypes and ruin a fruitful album with a track like Double Wide Trailer, detailing life in a trailer park. Overall, an album that most country listeners and even some occasional country music fans will enjoy. *#6 “The Real Thing” contains swear words. – Lane Zoerhof

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