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Exile in the Woods


The Cheebacabra’s latest album, “Exile In The Woods” is a fusion of blues and electronica. Described by another music publication as “Disney World on acid”, “Exile In The Woods” is that and a whole lot more. My take was similar to that of others; take early Nintendo video game music, speed it up, and add some blues percussion and you get this album. With no lyrics, this album gets very tiresome as many of the songs sound alike. It wasn’t until the last couple of songs that this album got interesting. Track 10, “Dysplatic Nevi” had a smooth blues bass riff that made the track bearable. The last track, “Exile In The Woods” also had a quite soft bluesy percussion section that actually sounded pretty good. This track would be the only one worth listening to however. If you could see the cover art (which by the way is a beautiful piece by Desmond Morris via 1976 entitled “The Arena”), picture it while listening to this album and maybe the songs make sense; but without it, there’s too much noise and not enough quality sound. - Lane Zoerhof

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