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I Trust You To Kill Me

Rocco DeLuca & The Burden’s album “I Trust You to Kill Me” is a good offering that relies on pop-rock sensibility with a splash of blues for good measure. DeLuca’s influences such as the late Jeff Buckley and Robert Johnson are definitely evident throughout his songs. Rocco DeLuca is rock enough for mainstream radio, yet probably won’t ever emerge as a radio star (much like Buckley’s fate); however, his songs are good and catchy enough to attract even the most novice listeners. The first song off the album, “Gift” is definitely radio worthy. For the blues/rock fan, give track 5, “Swing Low”, a listen to. And what would an artist’s album like DeLuca and his band be like without a lover’s heartfelt cry which can be found in track 9 aptly titled, “Song for Your Special Someone”. DeLuca’s album is definitely of the rock/pop genre, yet his songs are a little more refined then what you normally find in your favorite mainstream artist. *#10 “Draw” contains swear words. - Lane Zoerhof

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