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Happy Hour



Big thumbs up on the debut recording from this young Grand Rapids trio. Their influences seem to be of the 90’s middle-America indie rock variety - from Afghan Whigs to Weezer to Pavement to Red House Painters - and their bag of tricks contains echoes of all these bands and a thousand others.
Yet, these songs have a vibe that’s all their own.

Here, Brent Shirey shows he has all the makings of a fine young songwriter, creating seven tuneful, emotive songs that waltz and sigh, rock and howl. But, no one will listen to your words if your recording sucks and, thankfully, the production obstacle is overcome in fine fashion. The rhythm section drives things along at an even clip and drummer Scott Rider offers invigorating counter-point vocals.

Better yet, the songs are given room to take on lives of their own, often clocking in at 5, 6 and even 9 minutes, with cello and organ brought out to add some spice.

Now the burning question:
Will Jammies VI become Happy Hour?

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