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Jon Auer

Songs From The Year Of Our Demise


When Jon Auer formed the renowned power pop band "The Posies" as a teenAger, he probably didn't expect to be circling around to a new music pinnacle in 2006 as he has with his first full-length solo record, Songs... Career-wise, Jon has kept busy in the last five years. Not only have "The Posies" continued as an ongoing concern, but Jon and fellow "Posies" songwriter Ken Stringfellow moonlight as permanent members of the reformed "Big Star" with Alex Chilton. Although he recently co-wrote both a "Posies" and a "Big Star" album, Songs... is the record Jon says he's been "dying to make and release for the last 5 years." Jon will appear in the Intersection Front Lounge Friday May 19, in a WYCE benefit concert. All proceeds from the door will go directly to benefit your community radio station, 88.1FM WYCE.

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