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Darlo Anger's Republic of Strings

Generation Nation


From upbeat jigs through technically astute classical violin and fun traditional fiddle pieces and all the way back to a grief ridden cover of Chain of Fools (featuring vocalist Chris Webster), the second recorded effort by Darol Anger's Republic of Strings, Generation Nation not only takes you on a trip around the world, it also transports you off into some other realm of existance The CD showcases Darol Anger's virtuosity, unusual technique and incredible talent on the strings. (He's spent the past 30 years of list life working with David Grisman, Bella Fleck, the Turtle Island String Quartet, Psychograss. . There's also a cool cover of Buffalo Springfield's Bluebird. Synoposis: Quirky yet elegant. Track #4 Ramblin' Barber with it's complex layers and homage to the genius of Ornette Coleman is my favorite cut. – Victoria Aka Vudu

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