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Larry Carlton

Fire Wire


Larry Carlton has been the only white Crusader, has played some of the classic guitar riffs from Steely Dan & has been part of the smooth Jazz group Fourplay. He has dozens of solo CD’s that range from smooth jazz to the Blues. On his latest CD produced by Csaba Petocz who has worked with the likes of Lynard Skynard, Ted Nugent & Mettalica as well as Jazz & blues artists like Etta James & Aaron Neville, Larry Blurs all the boundaries between Jazz & Rock. This CD may alienate fans of his smoother Jazz sounds , but will bring new listeners who loved the guitar based jazz fusion sounds of the 1970’s as well as rock oriented guitarists like Jeff Beck & the rocker Eric Johnson. The only slower track on this Disc is the Caribbean Jazz sounds of “Sunrise” otherwise this is true Jazz-Rock guitar fusion bliss.

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