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Mountain Goats

We Shall All Be Healed


This is the 2nd release for Mountain Goats on the 4AD label. The new release continues, for the most part, the more polished, studio-produced sound of their 2002 release Talahassee. However, there are a few tracks that deliver the lo-fi, recorded-in-your-basement sound that the Goats have been famous for.

John Darnielle's songwriting continues to be both perplexing and intriguing. He plays his acoustic guitar with frenzied urgency and the intensity of his voice compels one to listen to what this strange man might have to say. Long-time fans of the Mountain Goats are sure to appreciate this new material. If you're new to the Goats this album may be the one to open up your mind to the world according to John Darnielle.

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