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I am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey


John Fahey was an innovative, finger picking "folk" guitarist whose style ranged from traditional country and blues to innovative melodies and traditional Native American music. He released dozens of albums between the mid 60's and late 90's. John passed away in 2001. In 2006 M. Ward put together a collection of artists to produce a tribute to John Fahey titled "I am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey" It is an album that was not necessarily meant to reproduce John Fahey's music but to allow the musicians interpret the music the way they saw fit to. A couple of standout songs are current indie champion Sufjan Stevens rendition of "Commemorative Transfiguration & Communion at Magruder Park", M. Wards version of "Bean Live Blues # 2", and Fruit Bats "Death of the Clayton Peacock". -John Preston

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