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The Vagabond


The founder and frontman of early 90’s bohemian alt- hip hop group Arrested Development returns with his fifth solo offering. Some very good tracks that recall AD at their socially relevant and earthily trippy best, as well as some interesting Motown and soul flavors are the high points of this record, with some underwhelming ballads and a superfluous Beatles cover being the low points. A breakdown: Arrested Development style folky, bluesy hip hop: #1,2,5,7,13 Smooth, sexy soul a’la Isley Bros. etc. : #3,4,10 Instrumental funk/soul jam: #12 Straight southern funky hip hop (as the kids say, “Crunk”) # 6, 8 # 9 is a moderately humorous minute long “skit” and #11 is a mediocre version of this Lennon/McCartney classic. (Rufus Wain- wright and Fiona Apple, among others, have done it much better) A good add for fans of Spearhead and the like. Enjoy! -Calin

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