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Snow Borne Sorrow


This topped many a critic’s best of 2005 list, if perhaps not as high for record sales. That rarely matters to the critics, and it shouldn’t matter to you as Snow Borne Sorrow is a wonderful return for David Sylvian. Here, the ex-Japan member works with brother Steve Jansen and Burnt Friedman and Ryuichi Sakamoto, creating a plane perfect for Sylvian’s signature vocals and a cavalcade of understated but poignant instrumentals, from muted trumpet to clarinet to electronic blips. I recommend listening to this with a glass of potent red, but I can’t recommend that while on-air, for er, obvious reasons. SBS opens with “Wonderful World” featuring Stine Nordenstam, with her trademark delicate yet haunting vocals. Expect jazzy, atmospheric, lush sonic layering, and enough warmth to counteract the gales of winter. steLLa

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