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Stealing of a Nation


These guys are acutely aware of their influences and don't try to hide from them, instead they incorporate them and use that energy to fuel their leap forward into the next thing, which in this case is a mish-mash of old school new wave/post punk, disco, drum-n-bass, house/club, dub, and modern indie type sounds, with some really cool additional percussion on some tracks. Catch all that? In short- cool, fun, energetic, and groovin'. I believe I must be missing a receptor in my brain for much of the indie-type stuff we have been getting, as most of it simply does not compute for me. This, however, I like. Drop one of these in your listener's ears to spice things up a bit, but watch the tight segs between some tunes. #'s 6 & 12 are more subdued, should that be what you're looking for, but most of this is hoppin' -Eric Green

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