Free Radicals

Outside The Comfort Zone


A mirror carbon copy of Dirty Dozen Brass Band or possibly a New Birth Brass Band. Lots of Horns, all in sync, how can you go wrong. Quite a few tracks on this album, but very easy to move from track to track and still keep it fresh. The unique thing about the Free Radicals is when they product albums they generally have a statement they are trying to make or even a prediction for that matter. In 98 they warned against George W. Bush's Iraq War and 4 years later it happened. In 2012 they came out with their 4th album talking about immigration and and border walls 4 years before Trump made it a cornerstone of his campaign. And on this Cd they warn against White Supremacist Apartheid Society, hmmmm do they know something we don't?? They also have won the Best Jazz Album for the Houston Press Music Awards 13 times now. Great sounding, jazzy, and groovy!!!

review by Matt

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