Deb Ryder

Let It Rain


The fact that singer/songwriter Deb Ryder is joined on this, her second disc, by the likes of Tony Braunagel, Mike Finnigan, Kirk Fletcher, Albert Lee and Kim Wilson, speaks volumes to the esteem in which her talent is held by those in the know. With horns, keys, harmonica and accordion adding spice to the guitars and drums that back her up, Ryder works her way through 11 original tunes. While most of the tunes deal with cheating lovers, "You Won’t Be True", "Ma Misere" and "Guilty as Sin" and dealing with a broken heart, "Can’t Go Back Again", she also counsels perseverance in the face of adversity, "Hold Your Lamp High", embracing religion with the hope of quick answers to her prayers, "Money Monsoon", and the passion she will bring to a forced afternoon together, "Let It Rain". Many of the tracks feature a rollicking little big band sound akin to Roomful of Blues but there are a few changes ups such as the slinky, mysterious groove laid down on "Guilty As Sin", the pulsating stomp of "Hold Your Lamp High", the late night piano bar torch ballad, "Kiss and Dream", and the gospel fueled call and response of "Cry Another Tear" which features both ends of her vocal range with her full throated roars on the bottom end and her piercing cries on the other. Throughout this disc, Ryder displays seasoned poise and command of her vocals whether she is singing soft and low on the ballads or brassy and loud on the higher energy numbers. She’s three quarters Etta James, one quarter Mariah Carey and 100% solid. Get hip to the tip: pick up this disc. Smitty

review by Mark

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