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Shorty Kreutz

Full Custom Boogie


After 20 years fronting the rockabilly trio Voodoo Swing, guitarist/vocalist/Arizona greaser Shorty Kreutz has decided to open a new chapter and expand his creative output (albeit slightly) with his first solo album, 'Full Custom Boogie'. Essentially a blues album, it dabbles a bit in folk, swing, alt-country, and even some shoegazing alternative rock in the album's last track, 'Heavy Load'. That last song sounds very different from the rest of the album; however, Shorty K's solos stay true to his Steve Cropper and Kid Ramos-inspired style throughout the record. There is great talent at work here: Paladins' drummer Brian Fahey and Sugar Thieves bassist Jeff Naylor helping out on the recording and on live events; a great vocal contribution by Kenyatta Christina in 'Boomerang', and many others.

review by Ernesto

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