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Love Axe

South Dakota


Love Axe is a rock outfit based in Los Angeles, California. Their latest album, “South Dakota,” is filled with catchy, sunshine-y jams. Started by frontman Chris Hatfield, a Mount Pleasant native, Love Axe delivers hard-hitting pop songs about love and loss with really sweet hooks and charming harmonies.

The album opens full force—the first three tracks don’t let up. The high energy is almost exhausting, but by “Please” we’ve arrived at a much slower pace. This song is pretty depressing—accompanying a bittersweet guitar melody with a rancorous story of heartbreak. The album rocks the hardest at “All That’s Gold Will Turn To Black (Part 2),” which begins with what the album has led you to believe is Love Axe’s standard fare, but breaks down into a loud, grimy, jam. With this kind of variation, playing the entire pop-rock gamut, “South Dakota” makes for a fun listen. It’s a rollicking rock and roll ride.

review by Marie

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