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The Zuni Mountain Boys

The Zuni Mountain Boys


The Zuni Mountain Boys’ self-titled EP takes us from the Zuni Mountains in New Mexico to Houston to San Francisco. With travel, heartbreak, and story-telling as core themes in this EP, The Zuni Mountain Boys have created a quintessential Americana feel. This country duo from Brooklyn, New York use minimal instrumentation and few harmonies to create moving songs.

Their first track on the album and probably the most accessible, “Radio,” tells us of the emotional power of music. Urging the listener to “turn the radio up when your heart falls down.” Their simplistic style cuts directly to the core of their songs’ meanings focusing heavily on the narrative they are trying to convey. The next track, “Someone Should Leave,” has a dark and melancholy tone telling us the story of an emotional break-up that pulls at your heart strings. The rest of the EP follows suit adhering to their minimalist Americana sound—beautiful and simple.

review by Mariah

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