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Black Stone EP


) The Belle Sounds from Austin, TX released 9/9/14. Similar Artists: Fleetwood Mac, Shins, Juliana Hatfield. (promo provided)

The music of the Belle sounds is mainly female singer with backup band. Very well put-together and overall sounds great. Songs are well-written and performed.


1.      Black Stone - Upbeat and fun. Great backup band provides an easy listening experience.

2.      The Siren - Slower but very smooth. The harmonies and vocals in this track are its forte, and are nicely done.

3.      Ghost of Mykonos (Me-Cone-Ohs) - Guitar Lead with harmonies and backup. Half way through becomes a real foot-tapper. Elusive, mysterious feel and lyrics.

4.      Golden Boy - This song sounds like Guster with a female lead. Very catchy and smooth, great for radio play in my opinion.

5.      Drifter - Piano! Harmonic vocals and piano backup make this slow song a little boring, plodding even.

Overall, a fun album to listen to. The harmonies and vocals of The Belle Sounds are very solid and well made. Music accompaniment isn't anything special, but not offensive either. 

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