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BaD Dog Buffet


Vance Gilbert (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American folk singer/songwriter. He started as a jazz singer, switched to folk music, became a regular on the open mike circuit in Boston and toured with Shawn Colvin. BaD Dog Buffet is his twelfth album, and was funded entirely by fans.  

Gilbert has tagged himself as the bastard mix of Richard Thompson, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Al Jarreau, and Billie Holiday.

BaD Dog Buffet has a rich instrumental setup featuring help from an immensely varied list of guest performers including Celtic Music harpist and singer Aine Minogue, Bluegrass stars Darol Anger and Joe Walsh Jr., Jazz saxophonist Grace Kelly, Country Rocker Roy Sludge, and all around guitarist Kevin Barry.

 The track to listen to is "Nothing From You" (2).

Reviewed by: Kendall Gilbert

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