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Keywords: Melodic, sweet, soothing, folksy

"Songwriter, singer, painter, and poet from Gold County, California, Brianna Lea Pruett's musical expressions travel widely. Born in the mountains of Northern California and a singer from her earliest days, she plays California folk, country, and the musical style of her Appalachian and Southeastern Woodlands heritage with equal passion as compositions that show a love for jazz, blues, and soul music."

Pruett's album Gypsy Bells, released in October 2013 combines her warm and soothing voice with great instrumentation, most notably the varied and trance- inducing percussion. This is a high-quality album with a lot of rich layers and depth, and would be perfect for listeners with an appreciation of the likes of Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star or female recording artist Natalie Merchant. The wayfaring sentiment is strong throughout Gypsy Bells, with Pruett singing about love and love lost, new lives, traveling on, and sowing what seeds may come. 

The track to play here is "Shine For You" (6). 

Reviewed By: Kendall Gilbert

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