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There Is Only Now


 The story presented on the conceptual album, There Is Only Now,is based on events that really occurred to hip hop band, Souls of Mischief, early in its career. The tale is told via Ali Shaheed Muhammed as the narrator, playing a DJ for Oakland radio station KNOW.  Busta Rhymes guests as the villain, Womack. Other guests include Snoop Dogg, William Hart of The Delfonics, and Living Legends' Scarub, while the Souls of Mischief play themselves. The album is best listened to from start to finish to get the gist of the story, which is dramatically portrayed with elements of violence, sex, and drugs.  It has its uplifting moments as well. Producer, Adrian Younge, has put his stamp on this release with his signature sound, implementing live instrumentation in unique ways. In fact, There Is Only Now is the first album to be released on his new Linear Labs record label.   Rebecca Ruth 

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