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  Using the Spanish word for "together" as the new album title brings context to this, the seventh album from Basement Jaxx.  While it could be filed under the dance music genre, the album brings together many sub-genres of dance music.  There is disco on "What's the News", Caribbean beats on "Rock This Road", early 80's funk on "Sneakin' Toronto", soulful R&B on "Something About You", and Latin salsa on "Mermaid of Salinas".   The duo also brings together guest vocalists who are well-known in the dance club scene (Meleka and Shakka).  All this and yet I still feel let down by this release.  Gone are the experimental noise and mania of past Basement Jaxx albums that made them so thrilling. While Junto is danceable and even upbeat, I think Basement Jaxx has decided to rest on their laurels for this one.  

Rebecca Ruth

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