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Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ian McLagan was inducted for his work as founding member of The Faces and its predecessor The Small Faces. Life goes on. He lives and works in Austin Texas now, and has been for 20 years. He's done reunion shows with The Faces, but his regular band nowadays is The Bump Band, with 'Scrappy' Jud Newcomb, Jon Notarthomas, and Conrad Choucroun.

McLagan made his mark on rock and roll history by playing keyboards - the Hammond B-3 oran and Wurlitzer electric piano. United States shows off his lead vocal talents and his guitar work also. He labels his music as soulful rock 'n' roll and Americana on his facebook page. I'm hearing vocals-centered performances backed by unselfish rock of the sort Faces used to play, back in the day. I won't go so far as to call it retro or fusty, but is a bit on the low-energy side, as if playing for an audience that wants neither to be shaken nor rattled.

Gerald Etkind

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