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Unplugged 1991&2001 The Complete Recordings


In MTV's golden age {When they were a music station} many classic musicians released acoustic unplugged recordings. R.E.M. was the only band to make two appearances on this program in 1991 & 2001. The recordings found on these discs have been locked in the vaults until now. Disc one recorded in 1991 captures the bands early success through their largest selling release "Out Of Time". The second disc was recorded in 2001 without drummer Bill Berry who left the band 1n 1997 for health reasons, concentrates on the bands 12th studio release Reveal. It also includes classic tracks such as "South Central Rain" from 1984's Reckoning release, as well as a different version of their biggest radio hit "Losing My Religion" from Out of Time and the closing track from 1992's Automatic For The People "Find The River". These recordings will never replace the originals, but they sound great and are a friendly reminder of how influential this band from Georgia was. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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