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Dave Mason

Future's Past


Dave's new disc Future's Past breathes new life into classics and shows that this great musician has a bright future. Forty Seven years after Dave co-wrote the Traffic classic "Dear Mr. Fantasy" he brings this classic back to life and after almost five decade this classic sounds as great as it did in 1967. Dave's guitars and vocals are as good as they have ever been and the tracks on this disc capture his classic sound but also venture into jazz & blues. "El Toro" a solid instrumental showcases Dave's guitar in a jazz/world beat setting that captures the songs Spanish Blues theme. I guess if you are going to cover the blues, Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen" is as good as it gets. "How Do I Get To Heaven" is a track whose lyrics were composed by the late great Jim Capaldi {Traffic} and Nancy Earl and received by Dave after Jims passing. This track appears to be recorded live and is breathtakingly beautiful. Dave has been rocking us for fifty years and I hope he has many more to come. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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