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The Extra Texture


  How could I resist the interesting,"extra textured" packaging on the new release from Grand Rapids band, The Extra Texture? Well, I couldn't and the music contained therein was interesting as well. The Extra Texture makes rock that doesn't bore me. For this twin EP set, the first disc sports your typical rock instruments along with a few musical surprises (celeste, organ, harmonium?)making for a dynamic listening experience. Disc two is mostly instrumental, more downtempo, and has a shoe-gaze feel to it.  As far as the production goes, the editing is very well-done. The songs often blend together, but there is just enough of a pause between them that one can differentiate one song from the next, while it maintains a cohesive sound overall.  The mix, on the other hand, was such that while individual instruments were easy enough to distinguish, there seemed to be a general muddiness to it, especially on the vocals. Maybe this was on purpose, but it is unfortunate, because I quite like this release otherwise.      Rebecca Ruth   

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