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Lead You The Way Back Home


Amber Nicole is a seventeen year-old singer songerwriter from Allendale, Michigan. On her Official Facebook Page, Amber Nicole describes herself as "a girl with an acoustic guitar," but, while listening through her first album release, there is clearly much more to this local musician. She began promoting herself as a musician in 2012 on social media sites, and has since played a number of local shows including house shows, coffee house shows, and community based benefits. Amber produced the 10-track album, Lead You The Way Back Home, with the help of Sound Street Studio in Ada, Michigan. The title track "Lead You The Way Back Home" opens the album, and features Amber's steady vocals above a rhythmic electric guitar. "Travelin' Men" is a bass driven song, with Amber's lyrical prowess at work. Influences from UK bands, such as Daughter, are clear on this track, but Amber is able to move beyond replication and create her own sound. The softer, piano filled, instrumentation of "The Crow Song" make Amber's vocals distinct, but her vocal ability is made clear in "Ghost And Guns." The majority of the album features Amber and her acoustic guitar, moving away from the full band sound of the first few tracks. Amber will be touring summer of 2014 with other local musicians.
- Richard Martin

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