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Turning Rocks


Thus Owls is the transatlantic, alternative pop rock band fronted by husband and wife duo Erika (vocals) and Simon Angell (guitar). Other band members include Martin Höper (bass), Parker Shper (keys), and Stefan Schneider (drummer). The duo has released two other records, Caridac Malformations (2009) and Harbours (2012). Simon has played guitar and helped compose on Patrick Watson's records since 2003. Turning Rocks is their third studio album, and was recorded in Montreal. Erika's childhood home located on an island in Sweden, which has been in her family for generations, inspired the album lyrically, along with true stories of her grandmother's youth. Sonically, Erika's vocals and Simon's guitar tone ground the album as they explore new sounds in old vintage 60s organs from Shper, along with drums and bass from Schneider and Höper, respectively. The album reflects a conscious effort to follow a particular creative process, staying focussed on the possibilities of these old stories and new sounds. Timber Timbre's Taylor Kirk joins Erika's vocals in the album's closing track "Thief," creating haunting vocals above uneasy, muddy electric guitar.

- Richard Martin

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