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Matt Andersen grew up in Perth-Andover, Nova Scotia, Canada, and still lives there today. The family-oriented, blue-collar community continues to influence the singer-songwriter's lyrical and musical choices. He is known for his narrative driven lyrics and skilled, blues guitar work. He released his debut album, Second Time Around, in 2007. As he toured, Andersen became known for his intimate and high-energy, captivating audiences, which brought him a lot of support. Since, he has released five studio albums and one live album. Coal Mining Blues extended Andersen's fame internationally. In 2012 he played over 200 shows to support the album, proving that he is hard working performer. Three years later, he released Weightless in February of 2014, an album rooted in his coal mining community, like his 2011 release, but expanding to the world he experienced while touring. The title track, "Weightless", is a grooving blues tune with clear ties to gospel music. "Alberta Gold" is another great track, telling a story from Canada's plains. Andersen's intimate and powerful voice draws you in on "Let's Go To Bed." The album closes with "What Will You Leave," featuring electric and acoustic guitar, along with jazzy trumpets. The track urges listeners to be mindful of their actions, a testament to Andersen's faith in community.
- Richard Martin 

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