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Indie folk rock singer-songwriter Dawn Landes was raised in Louisville, but is now based out of Brooklyn. Writing music has been a part of most of Landes' life, and she has had experience as a professional producer and engineer for more than a decade thanks to Saltlands Studio, of which she is a co-founder. Landes' first album Dawns Music was released in France by indie label Ocean Music, after they noticed Landes during a solo performance at Les Femmes s'en MĂȘlent festival. Since, she has released three other studio albums, each garnering her more acclaim and support from fans. The bio, which is really more of a prose poem, on her official site indicates the nature of Dawn Landes as an artist. She has collaborated in studio with Will Oldham and Justin Townes Earle and has also toured with Feist, Andrew Bird, and Hem. Bluebird, her latest album released February 18, 2014, was produced in collaboration with good friend Thomas Bartlett (The National, Rufus Wainwright) and features contributions from Tony Scherr (bass), Rob Moose (guitars, violins, violas), and Norah Jones (piano & vocals on tracks 5 & 8). Some may consider this album only a reaction to her ex-husband, Josh Ritter's latest album, but Bluebird is far more than an album about heartache. Landes' lyrical and musical talents abound.
- Richard Martin

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