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Worth EP


Montreal native Thomas Arsenault began writing electronic music while living in São Paulo, Brazil during his high school years. He went on to study music composition at Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio. Arsenault began making music under the name Mas Ysa (MAAS ee-sa) in 2012. He was signed by Downtown Records in 2013, just before his single "Why" was released. Pitchfork named it the week's "Best New Track." Mas Ysa's Worth EP was released February 4, 2014. It opens with the electronic prelude "Vanya". "Why" features Arsenault's breathy falsetto which lingers above electronic beats, pauses, and then breaks back into the track with vocal intensity. The track features Mas Ysa's use of silence, synth and distortion. The following track, "David Wessels," focuses on dream-like, aqua sounds and moves seamlessly into "Life Way Up From," which is a dissonant, dialogue driven track. The title track "Worth" creates a feeling of unease with the use of uneven guitar mixed with what sounds like distorted waves or wind. "Shame" is an incredible track that bursts with sonic tension using emotional and decibel variance, both in vocals and insturmentation.
 - Richard Martin

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