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Run River North


Run River North is an indie folk rock group from San Fernando Valley, California. Alex Hwang (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Daniel Chae (Electric Guitar/Violin), Jenifer Rim (Violin), Joseph Chun (Bass), John Chong (Drums), and Sally Kang (Vocals/Keys) are the devoutly Christian, Korean American musicians who make up the sextet. The bands sound has been compared to that of Of Monsters And Men with their ensemble sound rooted in the folk genre. Hwang's vocals are sometimes soft and wispy, but they can also be strong and cutting. Those that attend their live shows make note that Hwang does not wear shoes on stage, to which he has said he likes to share his stories barefoot. Before being signed by Nettwerk Records, a Canada-based label that signed the band fun., the group was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They recorded their self-titled debut album, Run River North, with producer Phil Ek, known for his work with Fleet Foxes, Built to Spill, and Band of Horses. Run River North explores generational responsibility, faith, understanding, self-reflection, and ancestry through exceptional musicianship, apt lyrics, and uproarious choruses. "Monsters Calling Home" speaks to the familial and generational struggles of the group, while "In The Water" uses staccato percussion to make perseverance unforgettable.
- Richard Martin

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