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Nectar is Austin-based Wendy Colonna's fifth solo studio album. She grew up in Southwest Louisiana and began performing there in 1997. She moved to Austin, Texas in 2000, and it was in 2003 when Colonna released her first album Red. The album was critically acclaimed and garnered her "Best New Artist" from KGSR, Radio Austin. While touring for her 2010 album We Are One, Colonna had to fight through an illness, which resulted in eight months of resting from performing after the tour ended. This forced break from music nearly broke Colonna's spirit and love for performing. In 2011, she took a trip to Belgium where she began recording with a new band that formed very quickly, The Lazybones. The new group recorded their Barefoot in Belgium EP while still in Belgium and released it the same year, to critical acclaim. She described this experience as "a resurrection." Nectar began when Colonna realized that being vulnerable and human can bring about incredible growth and honesty. Of this album, Colonna has called it "deep and sweet," while acknowledging that it is "my dark record" when compared to the upbeat songs of Right Where I Belong and We Are One. The new album bursts with soul. The opening track, "Dirty Things" is an upbeat confession.
Richard Martin

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