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Robby Hecht


Robby Hecht released his first studio album, Late Last Night, in 2008 and solidified his desire to create songs with well-crafted lyrics that blend with melodies reminiscent of golden era 70s acoustic pop.  Hecht began writing music in college, but performing filled him with doubts. After travelling and a number of moves that finally placed him in Nashville, with the help of the woman who was later to become his wife, Hecht learned he had been suffering from bipolar disorder for years. This realization meant that Hecht had to deal with the disorder head on if he were to pursue a career in music. His official website quotes him saying: "It made it hard to want to record a record. It made it hard to tour or to co-write with somebody. Because at some subconscious level, I didn't know what version of myself I was going to be when I showed up." Listening to Robby Hecht, his self-titled album to be released March 25, 2014, it is clear that Hecht has been able to accept himself and create beautiful music. This new album is filled with honest, vulnerable lyrics over quiet, building instrumentation. "New York City" is a song of self-realization. He describes a relationship destroyed by alcoholism in "Soon I Was Sleeping", which features vocalist Rose Cousins.  "Hard Times" has a folk-rock feel and tells a sprawling narrative.
- Richard Martin

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