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Choir of Echoes


The band Peggy Sue used to perform as "Peggy Sue and the Pirates" and "Peggy Sue and the Pictures". Now they're just Peggy Sue. Up front as singers and guitarists are Rosa Slade and Katy Young. Olly Joyce keeps time on the drums. They hail from Brighton, England. 

Despite their rep as folk and blues performers, Peggy Sue sticks mostly to a mild rock idiom here. Voicing is mostly unison. You'll find some angelic noodling in the short intro "(Come Back Around)" and mildly trippy rock in "Esme" and" Substitute" and "Idle". "Figure of Eight" has some nice rhythmic drive to capture your attention added to the mildly trippy rock. "Always Going" builds up a bit faster and louder and rockier than most, but still nothing that will jolt your granny.

"How Heavy the Quiet" is acoustic and slower, without quite approaching folk. "Longest Day of the Year" harks back to mild 60s  pop, with a hint of doowop, but drags. "Idle" is another slow starter, but this time Olly Joyce's drums  pick up the pace, guitar work becomes electric,  and the voices get some force and edge.

Want a single word for Choir of Echoes? Try "moderately". The tempos range from moderately slow to moderately quick, and the dynamics from moderately soft to moderately loud. With two voices and three instruments to mix, the soundstage is neither thin nor full. Lyrics are moderately intelligible. Conclusion: moderately entertaining.

Recommended tracks:

3: Substitute 3:34. 4: Figure of Eight 4:04. 10: Idle 4:43. 12: Two Shots 4:11.

---Gerald Etkind

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