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Held In Splendor


The band Quilt is composed of Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler and John Andrews. There isn't much info on them as individuals online. Held in Splendor is their second CD. The first was just called "Quilt".

Together they have put together a paean to the Summer of Love and the psychedelia of the late 1960s and early 70s. My first impression on hearing "Saturday Bride" was that they had been inspired by the Amboy Dukes tune "Spirit of the Mind".  Nothing specific I can put my finger on. Or I could totally confuse the issue and ask you to think of the Moody Blues without the lead vocals.

Here's what the online publicity sheet says:  "Held in Splendor is an audacious pop-rock record with cascading harmonies and billowing textures, punchy rhythms and snarled guitars, wonderful depth and resplendent peaks. "Mary Mountain" takes hazy Summer of Love memories on a mid-summer road trip in a gleaming muscle car. "Tired & Buttered" invites Booker T over for an energy-addled jam in the garage. "The Hollow" twinkles like Fleetwood Mac and Galaxie 500, with sweet singing backed by the lap steel sighs of young acoustic guitar star and longtime Quilt pal Daniel Bachman. Held in Splendor is an album of personal poetry and public questions, confessions and aspirations--really, these 13 tracks are their own playground, brimming with the sort of unapologetic energy and wonder that turns simple songs into absolute anthems."

Personal Favorites: 12-Talking Trains. 13. I Sleep in Nature. 2. Saturday Bride.

---Gerald Etkind

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