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El Prado


Not the same band as "No" who released in the late 80s.

NO's album "El Prado" rocks my socks off, and that's a good thing, but I wear those Doctor Scholl's loose-weave socks that don't constrict my ankles, so it doesn't take really HARD rock to knock my socks off.  But that may be getting a bit too much about me.

There was a different band called "No" once, and they released music in the late 80s. This band NO spells their name in ALL CAPS so you can tell the difference. Based in Echo Park, Los Angeles, indie rockers NO formed in 2010 around Bradley Hanan Carter and Sean Daniel Stentz.  Rounding out the band are Reese Richardson, Ryan Lallier, Michael Walker, and Simon Oscroft.

EL Prado grabs me and won't let go. They've got a bit of the grandiosity of The Doors and The Moody Blues, but they don't overdo it. Musically,  I'm most reminded of the band Morphine, especially with the deep baritone of the lead singer.

NO's album El Prado is absolutely solid. I'd recommend 11 of the 13 cuts, minus only #7 which does not stand by itself, and #9, which has a bad word.

NO is not for dancing but destined for greatness. At this point a lot of reviewers would leap for the obvious play on words and write "Just say 'YES' to NO." I'm not that kind of reviewer, so I won't do that.

1. Stay With Me.  Sets the pace and the dynamics for a rock and roll experience.

4.Monday - driving rock, good enough to go all the way

5.So Scared- uptempo,

6. There's a Glow - another quick one, worthwhile. Watch out! Feeds directly into 7 without pause.

7. Interlude-just bridge music and vocals for 2:12

8.Another Life - nice drive

---Gerald Etkind

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