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Abandoned Apartments


Jeremy Jay was born in Chula Vista, California, but now makes his home in London, England.  He began releasing his own singles in 2007, while touring the US West Coast. On Abandoned Apartments he sings and plays synthesizer and guitar.

Abandoned Apartments is moderately tolerable and breaks no new ground. You'll either love its low intensity and slow moodiness, or you won't. Nothing offensive or abrasive here, just low-key rock-based word salad. It feels a bit like Pink Floyd after Roger Waters left, if the band were all feeling a bit depressed and nobody wanted to work very hard, and without the sophisticated time signatures. Drums don't do much but keep time, but are treated as the most important instrument in the understated mix.

Might as well try: Sentimental Expressway (4:37) and Far and Near (3:08)

---Gerald Etkind

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