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.All the edges have worn off David Crosby. What's left is smooth. Very smooth.

Yes, he's THAT David Crosby. Founding member of the Byrds. That got him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Played at Woodstock with his new band Crosby Stills and Nash, and earned a Hall of Fame plaque with them, too.  Reunited with his biological son James Raymond and formed CPR with him and Jeff Pevar. And here he is again, ostensibly solo, but with strong presence from Raymond as producer, co-writer, co-vocalist, keyboardist, and drum programmer.

For lack of a better label, this is gentle acoustic rock that ranges from mellow to extremely mellow. This is your palate cleanser. Any time you want to mellow things out or give listeners a chance to recover from a challenging or abrasive piece, pick a cut from this. (Except Track 2. It has a bad word.)

4 & 5 are slightly rockier and get up to a medium pace. Guest artists: 3 has a nice solo from Wynton Marsalis. Mark Knopfler helps out on 1. Steve Tavaglione on 10. Tavaglione and Leland Sklar on 11.
---Gerald Etkind

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