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Pieces of a Dream


Ohmega Watts, known to his parents as Matt Campbell, grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, New York for most of his life. His parents, who are West Indian by blood but from Jamaica, moved their family from New York to Florida when Watts was in his early teens. He began his music career in Orlando as an MC and DJ in the early '90s. Next he joined a hip hop trio, The Lightheaded, who released two studio albums and toured U.S., Europe, and Asia. The member's decided to each pursue individual projects, and Ohmega Watts released his first solo album, The Find, in 2005. Watts Happening followed in 2007, garnering Ohmega Watts even more support in the independent hip hop scene, domestically and internationally. Almost six years after his last release, Watts drops Pieces of a Dream, a 14-track album. Watts combines his love for synthesizers and organic drums to create experiments in beat, limiting sampling on this album. "Good Fun," which features Nino Moschella, and "Ode to Brooklyn," which features DJ Manwell, are great examples of this exploration of beats. Watts' goal with this record was to marry late 80s with mid-ninties hip hop, while incorporating current/future elements. Pieces of a Dream makes it clear that despite the hiatus Ohmega Watts can validate his steady fans and grab attention from newcomers with electrifying singles like "Higher."
Richard Martin

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