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Tomorrow Forever


The Farewell Drifters are a four-piece band from Nashville: Zach Bevill, Joshua Britt, Clayton Britt, and Dean Marold. Their folk rock band is known for their 60s era-inspired harmonies and anthemic song writing tied to a unique Brian Wilson-like sensibility. The four began making music together eight years ago, and released their first album, Yellow Tag Mondays, in 2010. While touring, the group became known as crowd pleasers at multi-generational folk festivals and earned a presence on Americana radio and Billboard's bluegrass albums chart. In 2011, they released their sophomore album, Echo Boom, to greater acclaim, being called "The Best of What's Next" by Paste Magazine and "A lavish, layered pop sound" by American Songwriter. For their latest record, Tomorrow Forever, the group collaborated with roots pop producer Neilson Hubbard (Matthew Perryman Jones, the Apache Relay) to create an earthy, layered rock album with clear ties to the pop, bluegrass and Americana genres. Lyrically, The Farewell Drifters attempt to express their coming-of-age disappointment and failures throughout the album, without allowing themselves to be paralyzed by it.
Richard Martin 

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