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The Devil In Me EP


Since 2010, Pony Boy, a.k.a. Marchelle Bradanini, has released several singles with producer John Would (Fiona Apple, Warren Zevon), one of which has been featured on the ABC original series Nashville. Her latest work, The Devil In Me EP, will be released on March 4th. The EP reinforces Pony Boy's unique sound, coined "Junkyard Country," which features smoky, intimate vocals and genre characteristics from blues, Americana, soul and doom-wop. Producer Cosmic Thug (Deer Tick, T Hardy Morris), along with Robbie Crowell and Carey Kotsionis, recorded The Devil In Me EP to tape on an 8 track. As a result, this six-track EP, performed by the seven musicians of the band, has a very unique sound. "The Wanderer" opens the EP with distorted organ sounds from a keyboard and Pony Boy's gasping vocals. Heavy drums and thick, distorted electric guitar introduce "The Devil In Me," which speaks of broken love and distorted trust. "One Man Show" begins with Pony Boy's sultry vocals over standard country guitar, but builds to the groups signature sound. "Happy Ever After" features heavy beats that drive the song through cutting vocals, to a drum filled finish.
Richard Martin

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