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In Her Golden Room EP


Grand Rapids based psychs/illuminados band, Haunted Leather, began making music as a three-piece in late 2010.  Three friends joined the group, and the now six-piece band has a full sound. Their first 7-track record, Red Road, was released in October 2012, and less than a year later they released more music. Though it is only 5-tracks, Haunted Leather's In Her Golden Room EP is a sprawling, dusty landscape of reverb and electric guitar solos that stretches for 28 minutes. In Her Golden Room EP opens with "Come and Join Us." Harsh reverb, heavy drums, and solos continually drown out Jordan's vocals. The focus on creating a soundscape, rather than making it easy for the listener to distinguish between lyric and instrumentation, sets the tone for the entire EP. Haunted Leather transports their listeners to a drug induced, lilting world.  The final track, "In Her Golden Room" cycles the listener from a place of calm to a place of great turmoil, then back again.
Richard Martin

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